Derbyshire Psychology Associates

dr-abaigh-devineDr Abaigh Devine is an experienced Clinical Psychologist – having worked for over 13 years in NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHs) with children, young people and families, before working in independent practice. She has also worked in specialist settings with looked after and adopted children, young offenders, young people who self-harm, young people with eating disorders and in a specialist educational provision for children on the autistic spectrum.

Abaigh is trained in a number of evidenced based (proven) psychological therapies – including CBT, EMDR, DDP and DBT. This enables her to offer help with a whole range of difficulties affecting mental health and emotional well-being. She has a special interest in helping children and adults to overcome the psychological effects of traumatic experiences.

Trauma might include life-threatening events such as road traffic accidents/ violence/ sexual assault/ birth trauma but also experiences such as ongoing childhood criticism, bullying and other scary or stressful events which have a lasting impact on emotional well-being. She is Chartered with the BPS and Registered with the HCPC.